Applications based on TRIQS

The TRIQS collaboration not only works at the elaboration of libraries to construct new tools for the study of quantum systems. Some full-fledged applications have readily been developed and are maintained by the TRIQS collaboration.

Hybridization-expansion solver

The hybridization-expansion solver allows to solve the generic problem of a quantum impurity embedded in a conduction bath. It is based on a quantum Monte Carlo algorithm that stochastically samples the diagrams of a hybridization expansion of the partition function.


DFT tools

DFT tools provides an interface to DFT packages such as Wien2k for LDA+DMFT calculation. It allows you to turn band-structure calculations obtained from the Wien2k package to inputs to full-fledged LDA+DMFT calculations in a few lines!


Hubbard I solver



This solver gives the Hubbard I solution of a quantum impurity problem, i.e. it solves the atomic limit. This simple approximation allows for very quick answers even for large multiband systems.